Sangumeo perfume

niche fragrances
by a perfume fanatic


Photo copyright Kristina Nazarevskaia

My perfumes are an escape for the soul. A way to connect with nature, or rather, a ritual to relax the body and mind, thus preparing us for an intense moment of search for the right energy or inspiration.

Perfume is atavistic, it's a symbolic representation of pleasure. In that sense, I don't think you wear it; it is rather possible to perceive it as a projection of the Self. While modern western culture enhances the cosmetic potential of perfume, essentially aimed at hiding other scents or making us more attractive, PROFUMI MAURIZIO CASTORO aims to renew an ancient sensory ritual that reconnects us to nature and its essences in a holistic way, conceiving perfume as the perfect complement to your own.

Well-structured fragrances have the power to travel to the places of memory and discovery dear to those who experience them. I design perfumes that create memories, inspire landscapes, objects and atmospheres that dwell in the depths of our subconscious. I create fragrances that express desires, thus making possible the aesthetic, spiritual and dynamic experience of the sensory journey of each of us.







“Perfume has a more convincing force of persuasion than words, appearances, feelings and wills. We cannot refuse the persuasive power of perfume, it penetrates us like the air we breathe penetrates our lungs, it fills us, it dominates us totally, there is no way to oppose it."




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Hand crafted in Rome